Our mission is to help families through an informative, and encouraging environment.
For families to gain the wisdom and skills needed to transform their family’s lives
from finances, homeschool, spiritual walk and more, from a Biblical perspective.

Our Family

This is a picture of our children, and our son-in-law.

We are a family of 5, we homeschool our children.

Our family constantly strives to have a balanced home. One area that we focus on is to not allow the kids to be involved in too many activities.
We treasure the time that we get to spend together. Family time is important to us, we play many games, do devotions and eat dinner together every night.

The hardest part now, is that our daughter lives in another state. She recently graduated college with a fantastic GPA, we homeschooled her too! She was married in September 2011.

It’s hard to grasp that we are entering that stage in our lives, gosh, we can’t be that old!

Anyway, since we spend much time at home, we realized that we are NOT going to have a spotless household. It’s definitely lived in (believe me!) You will not see a “Better Homes and Garden home!”

Our walls are filled with each of the kids creativity. We decided that we don’t have to worry about the décor anymore, or at least for several years. Their “art” is our décor. We have other walls filled with school work, maps and finger prints. Yes, we have learned to look past them!

Our family has realized that having a lived in home is much more relaxing and enjoyable.
I think that my husband wishes that he didn’t tell me to relax, on the obsession of having an immaculate home! Yes, we realize that it is important that the kids each learn responsibility in a household, but it’s more important to have family time and a picked up house, NOT A SPOTLESS ONE! The most important treasure is that we have fun growing together.

On this site I hope that you find encouraging tidbits, real life situations and ways to make your lives easier. We have really learned to simply our lives.
Our family has realized what’s truly a “need” and a “want”.
In our home I try to find the best way to make great meals, at a low cost, while saving time.

Oh, and please be sure to drop me some comments, on saving, easy recipes, homeschooling and whatever other encouraging tidbits you might want to share.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to sharing with you!


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